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42nd rainbow infantry division a combat history of - 42nd rainbow infantry division a combat history of world war ii lt hugh c daly on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this history of the rainbow is a record of the accomplishments of every man who served in the division it is the story of his contribution to the safety and security of the people of his country and of the world, 42nd infantry division united states wikipedia - the 42nd infantry division 42id rainbow is a division of the united states army national guard the 42nd infantry division has served in world war i world war ii and the global war on terrorism gwot the division is currently headquartered at the glenmore road armory in troy new york the division headquarters is a unit of the new york army national guard, 42d infantry division history and bibliography - the 42nd infantry rainbow division s history as a unit began with america s entry into world war i amidst the rush by america to mobilize individual states competed with each other for the honor to be the first to send their national guard units to fight in the trenches of europe to check the negative implications of this competition and to minimize the impact the mobilization could have, 42d infantry division story of the rainbow patch - the 42nd division stretches like a rainbow from one end of america to the other general douglas macarthur the 42nd infantry rainbow division received the name rainbow division in 1917 during its organization at camp mills long island new york, americans all the rainbow at war official history of - americans all the rainbow at war official history of the 42nd rainbow division in the world war henry j reilly on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, 168th infantry regiment united states wikipedia - the 168th infantry served during the punitive expedition pursuing pancho villa and the latter part of world war i it became part of the 42nd division commonly referred to as the rainbow division for four months from july to november 1917 the unit built and occupied camp dodge in johnston iowa prior to be being sent to europe the 168th was stationed at camp mills new york, texas national guard in world war i - summary history of the 36th division in world war i w d cope the entire national guard of texas as it existed in 1917 was mustered into the federal service texas guardsmen constituting the major portion of the 36th division and a part of the 42nd rainbow division, 1st cavalry division history garryowen - over its history continuing the regimental legacy the 7th cavalry regiment has formed 3 garryowen bagpipe and drum bands 1954 the 7th cavalry regiment bagpipe drum band organized by ssg, events the western front association - about us the western front association wfa was formed with the aim of furthering interest in the great war of 1914 1918 we also aim to perpetuate the memory courage and comradeship of all those on all sides who served their countries in france and flanders and their own countries during the great war, which division really liberated dachau scrapbookpages com - which division really liberated dachau previous soldiers of the 45th infantry division were the first to arrive at dachau two divisions of the us seventh army were involved in the liberation of the dachau main camp on april 29 1945 and with each passing year the argument grows more heated over which division really liberated the camp the 42nd infantry division or the 45th infantry division, massacres and atrocities of wwii in the axis countries - a unique collection of lesser known facts from world war ii, aef monuments memorials cemeteries world war i - help us build this feature send us an image of your community s doughboy statue or world war i memorial, traditions military videos your source for hard to find - unseen warriors stories of the vietnam war recorded by army combat cameramen 4 hours of never before seen film and photographs click here for details, history of diego garcia atoll indian ocean - diego garcia the history before permanent settlement late cretaceous 65 million years before the present