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al masih ad dajjal wikipedia - al masih ad dajjal arabic al mas ad dajj l the false messiah liar the deceiver is an evil figure in islamic eschatology he is to appear pretending to be al masih i e the messiah before yawm al qiyamah the day of resurrection he is an anti messianic figure comparable to the antichrist in christian eschatology and to armilus in medieval, major signs before the day of judgement qiyamah - the prophet saw has said the last hour shall not come until you have seen ten signs this book explaines all ten signs in great detail, islamic state of iraq and the levant wikipedia - participant in iraq war 2003 2011 iraqi insurgency syrian civil war iraqi civil war second libyan civil war boko haram insurgency war in north west pakistan war in afghanistan yemeni civil war and other conflicts, fulfillment of bible prophecy in today s news - fulfillment of bible prophecy in today s news www prophecyfulfillment com the author of this site s politically incorrect scripturally correct comments is raymond finney who is solely responsible for statements and conclusions, recent developments in the news temple mount - a peek into temple mount excavations ronen medzini www ynetnews com western wall heritage foundation holds tour of tunnels in attempt to ward off muslim claims that al aqsa mosque is in danger of collapsing